Our Mission

to provide our customers with delicious and nourishing meals to fuel and inspire their “inner coyote” and be unstoppable in their daily lives.


Why Coyote?

Our founder and lead coyote, Scott Stefanelli, has a passion for Muay Thai and practices the fighting art to stay in shape both physically and mentally. The seed for Coyote Nutrition was planted late one evening in October of 2015 after a particularly hard training session.

​Discussing some upcoming fights for some of his training partners, Scott offered his help in creating and providing a meal plan that would help the athletes reach their goals leading up to their respective fights. From this experience, he began to prepare and provide weekly meals for several fighters to help them balance their busy schedules while maintaining a solid foundation of nutrition to fuel their training.

Energized with the success of these meal plans Coyote Nutrition was birthed with the idea to offer these same services to a wider audience of people seeking a better and easier way to stay nourished.

Why Coyote Nutrition? An intriguing aspect of the coyote is their ability to adapt. The more that humans encroach upon and try to control the coyote the further out the coyote expands its realm. Modern coyotes have displayed their cleverness by adapting to the changing American landscape. They are rarely killed by other predators. In a word the coyote is unstoppable.

One of the great mythological stories of the coyote passed down from the Nez Perce people goes as follows:

Near the dawn of time Coyote saved the creatures of Earth. The monster Kamiah had stalked the earth and was gobbling up the animals one by one. The crafty Coyote evaded Kamiah but didn’t want to lose his friends, so he let himself be swallowed. From inside the beast, Coyote severed Kamiah’s heart and freed his fellow animals. Then he chopped up Kamiah and threw the pieces to the winds, where they gave birth to the peoples of the planet.

If the Coyote had a mantra it could well be, “expect the unexpected.” Uncertainty is part of life, so you might as well embrace it like the Coyote and release what you cannot control with joy. We are all a part of the Coyote spirit. Coyote Nutrition was created from this same spirit to provide our clients with a nutritional platform that aligns with and adapts to their unique and often unpredictable lifestyles.

Meet The Chef

Chef Scott Stefanelli


Chef Stefanelli’s first cooking experiences came as a young boy during summer stays at his mother’s family farm in Sycamore, Ohio. It was here that he helped his grandmother make fresh donuts, pick summer berries for pies, clean beans, shuck corn and collect fresh eggs and feed the livestock.

About twenty minutes down the road he learned to appreciate the art of pasta making, garden tomato sauce, homemade wine, and the joy of garden fresh product from his Father’s family garden who had settled in Tiffin, Ohio from Naples, Italy.

Food has always been a central theme in Chef Stefanelli’s life. As a high school and college student he worked in a variety of restaurant kitchens to earn spending and book money. Upon completing his undergraduate degree in Marketing from Miami of Ohio in 1988, he moved to Chicago and began his professional life as a marketing representative for a Healthcare non-profit organization.

The call of food and the desire to become a chef led him to enroll in The Culinary School of Kendall College in Chicago. During his studies at Kendall Scott worked for Chef Paul LoDuca at Carlucci Restaurant where he began to learn the intricacies of a professional kitchen. Upon completing his degree in Culinary Arts at Kendall in 1990 he was hired by Chef LoDuca as the opening Sous Chef for Vinci Restaurant. Vinci was recognized that year by The Chicago Sun Times as the best new restaurant in Chicago.

In the summer of 1994 he leapt at a chance to go to Paris, France to apprentice at Restaurant Pavillon Mountsouris. The experience proved invaluable in sharpening his method and technique and in shaping his philosophy and style of cooking.

In 1995 he and his wife relocated to Charleston, South Carolina. He was quickly indoctrinated on Southern cooking during his time as Louis Osteen’s sous chef at Louis’s Charleston Grill. In addition, he has had the privilege to work with other influential Charleston chefs including Frank McMahon. Under the tutelage of McMahon Chef Stefanelli learned how to balance flavor and substance while maintaining a stylistically modern and clean approach to presenting thoughtful food to Charleston patrons.

In 2006 Chef Stefanelli joined the Culinary Institute of Charleston as an adjunct instructor, becoming a full-time chef instructor in 2008. Here he shares his passion for cooking with future culinarians and is active teaching restaurant operations, butchery, charcuterie and food and beverage operations.

No longer grinding out long work weeks often required of a chef, he began to train and practice Muay Thai to stay in shape and keep mentally focused. One of the many benefits of training in a martial art is the camaraderie and respect that is formed with other athletes through the many hours of training together. During this time, he recognized a need to help athletes, struggling with balancing long hours of training, work and proper diet, with their daily and weekly meal prep.

From these early experiences creating nutritional concepts for athletes, Coyote Nutrition was birthed to bring these plans to a wider audience of people seeking a better and easier way to stay nourished. Chef Stefanelli is committed to the pursuit of creating and maintaining a true food prep business with a distinct mission and an evolving seasonal menu.

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